Handy, Trendy Small Details with Enormous Home Comforts

After all, the most essential objective of any house is comfort. All of us strive to make our home not only elegant but also comfortable at its best. And be assured that the comfort can also be achieved in the little details beyond a doubt i.e an ideal height of kitchen work surface, handy drawers, coloured walls, ventilated bookshelves and of course emphasizing more on such small details in stead of buying furniture.

If you’re considering comfort as the most desirable priority in your home too, then you should not miss the following easy-to-use tactics.

A perfectly-sized kitchen

luxurious kitchen

So what is the standard height of kitchen work surface? It is 85 cm but somehow we often miss out on to consider the perfect measurement while installing a new kitchen. Quite often, people end up with installing a not so perfectly-sized kitchen causing problems with their back and arms. To be more precise the recommended size for such work surface is 150cm for shorter people and for those people having the height of 1.6m to 1.8m, a perfect kitchen size is 88-91 cm.

Solution for steel-finish furniture

perfect kitchen

The steel doors on furniture not only look swanky but also durable. However, the problem with such steel doors is that they are prone to prints or marks over them. This is the reason why you should always have the solution which polishes steel with a special varnish so as to make your room stunningly clean and clear.

So much to do with sink

double bowl sink

Usually, people always almost make a mistake by not having a sink with a drainage board. The reason might be to save on some space or cost. Bear in mind to never skip a sink, especially if you have a large family as without this cooking might be quite impractical. You should utilise a drainage board to dry veggies and fruits, or place some hot crockery. Most importantly, such type of double-bowl sink also allows you to wash kitchen utensils with ease.

Pull-out drawers instead of shelves

kitchen drawers

Pull-out drawers is a good idea in lieu of shelves as they not only save space but also make cooking task easier. Add to more, you can always adjust sections in line with category of utensils and foods. In short, this makes your whole kitchen much more organised.

Plug socket per wall

decorative switchboard

As few as possible or at least one plug socket per wall. However, you should discuss with your electrician depending upon your requirements but make sure that you don’t install many as it might hamper the beauty of your wall.

Play with colours

peaceful living space

Colours are wondrous. If played with perfect balance, they can enhance the elegance of your home. Likewise, white or light colours can create the sense of space as well as a feeling of clean and stunning atmosphere. You can also try the one whole in rich colour while other in a more striking shed so as to make your home look more cosy and compelling.

Appeal of comfort reading

steel bookshelf

Dust is the most happening thing on any open bookshelves. And the best way to get rid of it is to buy shelves with a glass over on the front. Further, in order to keep books away from moist, special holes in such shelves could be used for better ventilation.

For the sake of beautiful white furniture

glamorous bedroom

White is bold and beautiful. The lovely hue also caters a sense of space and glamour. The only problem with this colour is to keep it clean and bright while keeping away dust, dirt and stains; otherwise it might look too gloomy. Therefore, using special anti-static clothes for cleaning is the best way to keep your white walls pleasing to the eyes.

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