Building a Luxury Community, Address by Address

Luxury. The very word conjures up images of opulent lifestyles and no compromise on comforts. Yet, on the other hand, luxury means different things to different people. For someone luxury might be dining in a chic Spanish club. And for someone else it could be admiring the cityscape of Singapore while sipping on their favourite brew in the balcony of their ultra-modern high rise apartment.

At Rajhans Realty, we pride ourselves in not only knowing about different tastes, but understanding them and catering to them in a way unprecedented. That’s the reason we offer our patrons a bouquet of lifestyles to choose from.

Take for example Rajhans Synfonia. It’s the perfect fusion of Singaporean and modern Indian architecture. The result is arguably one of the finest living spaces in the diamond city. It is touted as the most family-friendly, yet innovatively built project of Surat. Here, you will find the most harmonious amalgamation of peace, elegance and luxury.

Or Cornello. Surat’s most luxurious riverside residences. The architect and the environs here are inspired by the landmarks of Dubai. Open your window and you are greeted by the melodious ripples of river Tapi. Hold your cup of latte snugly and let the warmth seep into your hands as the playful breeze and earthy aromas greet you. Ideally located far from the chaos and the unpleasant din of the city, Cornello is a welcome bliss. These 5 and 6 BHK homes are designed for tranquil family living in a luxurious setting like none other.

If you were to imagine your own personal kingdom in the city-settings akin to Singapore, you’d ideally want to be at Rajhans Royalton, Vesu, Surat. Not only is this the most coveted location of the diamond city, but once you step inside the gates of Royalton, you would be excused for thinking you are actually in Singapore. Inspired by the lifestyle of the famous city state, Royalton is a tribute to this Asian jewel. 4, 5 and 6 BHK masterpieces, accompanied by top class amenities, is what you can expect here.

Moving on to Europe, now let’s take you to Rajhans Grandezza. To be more precise, the classic London architecture that embodies all the charm of the city and makes it so endearing to people from all over the world. Here, having nestled in your 4 BHK apartment in one of the 9 towers, you’ll find yourself reminiscing about your good ol’ days in the British climes. Of course, you’ll have the creature comforts of Rajhans’ repute to keep you in a state of coveted company.

We can’t talk about European luxury and style without mentioning the neighbouring Italy. In particular, we are talking about the province of Cremona, well-known for crafting outlandish violins. The said province is the inspiration for our project Cremona. Cremona is another jewel in our crown at Vesu. Each of these 4 BHK apartments is a bold and breathtaking style statement.

Another landmark of Vesu, the 5 and 6 BHK luxury abodes at Altezza rival the best in the world. Profoundly lavish, generous spaces married to comforts and amenities that leave little to desire.

Now, if you’re wondering, ‘what else’, let us assure you of that all these projects that come with the finest in pool, club, sporting facilities, play areas etc.

Like we said earlier, luxury is a very personal experience and each one of us looks at it with our own perspective. But we are sure, all of us will agree, that all Rajhans properties are a true embodiment of what luxury living is all about. And that’s a good thing.

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