Rajhans Cremona – Hear and experience the fine notes of luxury.

Cremona. A province in Italy, renowned for its heritage of violins. The province, and its history, have inspired many artists across various art forms. The latest in line being Rajhans Cremona.

Rajhans Cremona in fact has exceeded the expectations of its architects, designers and artists. It has turned out to be a mellifluous magnificence of modern luxury. In each and every detail of Rajhans Cremona, you will be able to detect the sublime euphony of a well-tuned violin.  Rajhans Cremona is a true tribute to the city of melodies with which it shares its name.

Rajhans Cremona is designed keeping in mind the people who will be making it their home. The maestros of their life whose rhythm is in a class of its own. Rajhans Cremona calls out to these individuals to let the virtuoso of their celebrated lives arise and exemplify the melody of luxury living.

Rajhans Cremona is designed to be a haven with 4 BHK homes, generously endowed with modern luxuries, in the heart of Surat. This style statement stands big, bold and breathtaking against the Surat skyline. Luxury, of course, can take many forms. Here, at Cremona, it’s all about the harmony of innovations, new-age lifestyle, modern comforts and everything chic and contemporary. With its collection of modern facilities and amenities, these homes are like a dip in the ocean of luxury.

A jogging track in the midst of a sprawling, manicured lawn, calming water bodies with gazebo seats and a viewing deck, this is where peace and pleasure, serenity and vitality meet. From the deck of your private balcony, you’ll be able to marvel at the luxurious life as it unfolds below you.

Head to the ultra premium, indoor swimming pool that extends outward to a magnificent sitting area. Take a dip in the soothing waters as time stands still and your mind and body synchronize in perfect unison.

In the mood to teach the younger ones the finer points of chess? The life-sized chess garden perfectly blends this intellectual pursuit with robust physical play. For the more adventurous, Rajhans Cremona boasts a forest zone with rock climbing. Flex your muscles in concert with family and friends to find the inner rhythm of your body. Or how about swaying like a charm at the skating rink? Just put on your wheels and find your beat.

For toddlers, there’s a world-class play area that adheres to strict safety norms and features. Here, your little ones can play with gay abandon while you’re at peace knowing that they are in a completely safe environment. Multi-sport courts, a cricket practice pitch with nets, a bowling alley, billiards room and other indoor sports, indoor toy room for children, at Rajhans Cremona, whatever be your tune in life, you’ll find it catered to.

Oh, did we forget to mention a virtual game zone for golf enthusiasts? And how can perfectly tuned luxury be complete without a splendorous spa and jacuzzi to relax and rejuvenate at. The banqueting facilities here leave little to the imagination of even the finest connoisseurs. Top of line service and world cuisines are bound to let you and your guests drop their guard and indulge. Which is where the well-appointed gymnasium comes in, to help you burn those extra calories and stay in shape.

Perhaps, you’re in the mood for sipping your favorite latte with that book you’ve been meaning to read. The cafe with a library is where you should head to. You even get your own recliner cinema hall here to catch up on old favorites or the latest blockbusters. For the musically inclined, there’s a music room with various instruments, to create cheerful tunes of your life with family and friends.     

Coming to your actual home, space is never going to be a constraint here. The rooms are plush, airy and well spread out, with the best fittings and fixtures that money can buy.

Rajhans Cremona is a tribute to not only the province of Cremona, but also to the height of luxury. For those seeking the ultimate experience in finer living, it’s a must check out.