Frolic weekend life in exclusive holiday home

Elegant architecture, wide spaces and ultra-luxurious amenities at the most-coveted address amid natural setting have become the most sought-after housing need for today’s uber-rich. They have started splurging on weekend home for sheer luxury and recreational values. In a bid to escape exorbitant city crowds, a wide number of luxury-loving people getting on leisure-property, day by day.
The increasing quest for holiday homes surrounded by beautiful canopy of trees are hugely in demand. People have become more concerned over quality of life and simultaneously, are seeking the home beyond home. Amid growing population and busy schedules, being one with nature has become indispensable part of life and that’s why the demands for weekend homes are on rife.

Beyond doubts, holidays are good for your mind and body. In fact, taking holiday breaks literally helps you live longer. But when life itself is too busy and full of same old routines, you might have a number of pretexts to just let it pass you by. This doesn’t mean you like to live a monotonous life, don’t you?
Well, get rid of all your woes. Take a break. No more unexciting routines. Because Rajhans Feriado- exclusive weekend homes are waiting for you. Supplemented by opulent amenities, the holiday homes offer peaceful panoramic views that will truly exceed your expectations to make your life majestically exciting!

Not only your weekend destination, your holiday home can also be a perfect idyll for peace of mind and extravaganza to the fullest.
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Nifty ways to make small spaces look bigger

Having small rooms literally doesn’t mean that you are to confine yourself for the rest of your life in it. Worry not over small kitchen, cramped spaces or low ceilings and there are many ways to let your imagination take over small spaces in your home.

Here are some of the most efficient tricks to transform your small spaces into more feasible as well as elegant room.

Start with Curtains

Choosing the same colour curtains just like your walls definitely gives a scope of space to the room. Moreover, always avoid selecting curtains that are too heavy, long and thick.

Natural Lights to the Fullest

Always give some room for natural lights to enter your room. In a bid to welcome more lights, keep window panes clean and clear. It is because of maximum amount of natural light that can give your small room very cosy and air feel.

Always in Order

Pay heed to every small details from clearing away shoes to putting clothes and accessories at their designated place. Unkempt things create chaos while degrading the entire appeal of your home.

Utilize Multi-use Furniture

Multi-use furniture is the best way to make the most of space. A sofa that can be transformed into a bed, a folding chair and kitchen table can be just good to give more space in your home.

Mirrors- the best illusionist

Mirrors that are close to windows act more effective in creating great sense of space. Moreover, mirror-doors are also the best option to add value to the space.
Tidy shelves

It is good to leave some shelves empty so as to bring some airiness in your home. Place some eye-catching materials and books on the shelves to give a statement.

More Lights Make Impact

Lighting always makes a difference. Opt for table lamps, free standing lamps or any other decorative lamps that can illuminate and enhance the space of your home beyond a doubt.

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