The textile industry has its roots thousands of years back. According to archaeological surveys and studies, the people of Harrapan civilization knew weaving and the spinning of cotton four thousand years ago. Add to more, a block printed and resist-dyed fabrics whose origin is from Gujarat was found in the tomb of Fostat, Egypt. It hence, proves that Indian export of cotton textiles to the Egypt and other Nile Civilization was huge.  As you may know there used be a large export of Indian cotton to the West during  18th century.

Textile industry was the first organized industry which accelerated industrial revolution in the 18th century. The apparel industry today has become one of the most leading players across global industrialization and no doubt, it plays an integral role in generating employment opportunities worldwide. Even, the East India Company emphasized the Indian cotton and silk trade that successfully turned into one of the most richest corporations of its era. Today, our country accounts for about 13 % of world’s production of fibre, textile and yarn.

In the year 2013, India ranked 2nd in  textile and garment export across the globe, outranking Germany and Italy. With plenteous raw materials and workforce, the textile industry in India is the second-largest employment generators after agriculture. It provides direct employment to over 35 million in India. This industry therefore holds an important position in our nation. Since clothing is next to food, the textile industry boasts providing basic necessity and similarly plays vital role in overall economy.

When it comes to Textile, there is one city that has been making its mark. Yes! It’s the diamond city which is a great fit for the textile businesses worldwide. For decades, Surat has been the hub of the textile industry which is still famous for its cotton textile, silk saris and gold and silver embossed zari work dating back to the Mughal era.

Today, Surat boasts rapidly growing textile industry day by day. And augmenting the growth of such blooming industry, an international-standard textile park, ‘Rajhans Fila’ has been established by a leading conglomerate ‘Rajhans (Desai-Jain) Group. This first-of-its-kind textile park comprises best connectivity options and world-class facilities such as conference hall, restaurant, CETP plan for water jets, hospital, fire station, mini-shopping centre, and eye-catching landscaping to name a few.

It just not ends here. There is another such textile park, Rajhans TEXPA which has already set out to revolutionise the widespread textile industry in Surat. Fully-furnished with high-standard infrastructure and guaranteed conveniences, this iconic textile park boasts being an innovative project in itself which is assuredly an ideal platform to achieve rapid progress in the fields of textile.

In Surat Textile Market, Federation Of Surat Textile Traders Association (FOSTTA) is an association of Textile Processing units of Surat Textile Market. There are over 60,000 traders and 160 markets associated with FOSTTA. FOSTTA addresses common concerns of these units and take care of presentations and representations on their behalf to several Ministries, Government Departments, Semi Government Institutions and Private Companies. FOSTTA is a common platform for all the processing units of this area for constructive interaction and mutually beneficial policy making that helps keep this happening industry in flow.