Rajhans Cremona – Hear and experience the fine notes of luxury.

Cremona. A province in Italy, renowned for its heritage of violins. The province, and its history, have inspired many artists across various art forms. The latest in line being Rajhans Cremona.

Rajhans Cremona in fact has exceeded the expectations of its architects, designers and artists. It has turned out to be a mellifluous magnificence of modern luxury. In each and every detail of Rajhans Cremona, you will be able to detect the sublime euphony of a well-tuned violin.  Rajhans Cremona is a true tribute to the city of melodies with which it shares its name.

Rajhans Cremona is designed keeping in mind the people who will be making it their home. The maestros of their life whose rhythm is in a class of its own. Rajhans Cremona calls out to these individuals to let the virtuoso of their celebrated lives arise and exemplify the melody of luxury living.

Rajhans Cremona is designed to be a haven with 4 BHK homes, generously endowed with modern luxuries, in the heart of Surat. This style statement stands big, bold and breathtaking against the Surat skyline. Luxury, of course, can take many forms. Here, at Cremona, it’s all about the harmony of innovations, new-age lifestyle, modern comforts and everything chic and contemporary. With its collection of modern facilities and amenities, these homes are like a dip in the ocean of luxury.

A jogging track in the midst of a sprawling, manicured lawn, calming water bodies with gazebo seats and a viewing deck, this is where peace and pleasure, serenity and vitality meet. From the deck of your private balcony, you’ll be able to marvel at the luxurious life as it unfolds below you.

Head to the ultra premium, indoor swimming pool that extends outward to a magnificent sitting area. Take a dip in the soothing waters as time stands still and your mind and body synchronize in perfect unison.

In the mood to teach the younger ones the finer points of chess? The life-sized chess garden perfectly blends this intellectual pursuit with robust physical play. For the more adventurous, Rajhans Cremona boasts a forest zone with rock climbing. Flex your muscles in concert with family and friends to find the inner rhythm of your body. Or how about swaying like a charm at the skating rink? Just put on your wheels and find your beat.

For toddlers, there’s a world-class play area that adheres to strict safety norms and features. Here, your little ones can play with gay abandon while you’re at peace knowing that they are in a completely safe environment. Multi-sport courts, a cricket practice pitch with nets, a bowling alley, billiards room and other indoor sports, indoor toy room for children, at Rajhans Cremona, whatever be your tune in life, you’ll find it catered to.

Oh, did we forget to mention a virtual game zone for golf enthusiasts? And how can perfectly tuned luxury be complete without a splendorous spa and jacuzzi to relax and rejuvenate at. The banqueting facilities here leave little to the imagination of even the finest connoisseurs. Top of line service and world cuisines are bound to let you and your guests drop their guard and indulge. Which is where the well-appointed gymnasium comes in, to help you burn those extra calories and stay in shape.

Perhaps, you’re in the mood for sipping your favorite latte with that book you’ve been meaning to read. The cafe with a library is where you should head to. You even get your own recliner cinema hall here to catch up on old favorites or the latest blockbusters. For the musically inclined, there’s a music room with various instruments, to create cheerful tunes of your life with family and friends.     

Coming to your actual home, space is never going to be a constraint here. The rooms are plush, airy and well spread out, with the best fittings and fixtures that money can buy.

Rajhans Cremona is a tribute to not only the province of Cremona, but also to the height of luxury. For those seeking the ultimate experience in finer living, it’s a must check out.

Altezza: Where an opulent lifestyle awaits you!

Rajhans Realty has influenced the lifestyle of many people across Gujarat and pan-India, with its innovations and luxury-driven designs. The signature residences by Rajhans Realty are distinguished by a passion for design and a commitment to quality.

Built on the pillars of trust and ancient legacy, the groundbreaking designs and aesthetics of Rajhans Altezza will captivate your senses for sure.

Live atop in Luxury

If you are seeking a luxury haven in your dream home, Rajhans Altezza could be the perfect choice for you. The contemporary architecture of the buildings fulfils your prerequisites for an urban lifestyle.

We invite you to experience the highest level of modern living, breathtaking views, and amenities gemmed with luxury. The 5 & 6 BHK residences in Surat’s most sought-after location, Vesu, are flanked by seven residential buildings.

You will have an impression of joy and exclusivity in these abodes. 

Settle High in Tranquility

The high-class luxury residence is away from the hustle-bustle of the city, in the finest neighbourhood of Surat. 

Feel the serenity everywhere, from the living room to the clubhouse, out-of-doors or enjoying a quiet night on the balcony. Just relax in an atmosphere bound by luxury. 

Feel high-spirited in the open air 

For the outdoors at Rajhans Altezza, we have given it equal attention also. Whether you are out in the park for a morning stroll or an evening walk, the landscaped gardens, the lush green outfield and the pristine outside view will certainly spellbind you.

At Rajhans Altezza, you’ll have plenty of space to enjoy life to the fullest.

Have a high time with Fun ‘N’ frolic

Rajhans Altezza offers a variety of ways to unwind and rejuvenate. An indoor swimming pool, an indoor badminton and squash court, and a state-of-the-art gym are just a few of the amenities available to help you balance your mind, body, and soul.

Have fun in the bowling alley or play, watch a popular Bollywood flick in the exclusive movie theatre with plush recliners, or read your favourite book in peace at the indoor library. On every occasion, you will find yourself engaged in entertainment and fun.

Adding value to your luxury quotient

With lavishness to the core, Rajhans Altezza is all set to welcome you grandly and give you the wings of luxury. 

Come and revel in the lap of luxury.

Visit: https://rajhansrealty.co.in/altezza.aspx

Building a Luxury Community, Address by Address

Luxury. The very word conjures up images of opulent lifestyles and no compromise on comforts. Yet, on the other hand, luxury means different things to different people. For someone luxury might be dining in a chic Spanish club. And for someone else it could be admiring the cityscape of Singapore while sipping on their favourite brew in the balcony of their ultra-modern high rise apartment.

At Rajhans Realty, we pride ourselves in not only knowing about different tastes, but understanding them and catering to them in a way unprecedented. That’s the reason we offer our patrons a bouquet of lifestyles to choose from.

Take for example Rajhans Synfonia. It’s the perfect fusion of Singaporean and modern Indian architecture. The result is arguably one of the finest living spaces in the diamond city. It is touted as the most family-friendly, yet innovatively built project of Surat. Here, you will find the most harmonious amalgamation of peace, elegance and luxury.

Or Cornello. Surat’s most luxurious riverside residences. The architect and the environs here are inspired by the landmarks of Dubai. Open your window and you are greeted by the melodious ripples of river Tapi. Hold your cup of latte snugly and let the warmth seep into your hands as the playful breeze and earthy aromas greet you. Ideally located far from the chaos and the unpleasant din of the city, Cornello is a welcome bliss. These 5 and 6 BHK homes are designed for tranquil family living in a luxurious setting like none other.

If you were to imagine your own personal kingdom in the city-settings akin to Singapore, you’d ideally want to be at Rajhans Royalton, Vesu, Surat. Not only is this the most coveted location of the diamond city, but once you step inside the gates of Royalton, you would be excused for thinking you are actually in Singapore. Inspired by the lifestyle of the famous city state, Royalton is a tribute to this Asian jewel. 4, 5 and 6 BHK masterpieces, accompanied by top class amenities, is what you can expect here.

Moving on to Europe, now let’s take you to Rajhans Grandezza. To be more precise, the classic London architecture that embodies all the charm of the city and makes it so endearing to people from all over the world. Here, having nestled in your 4 BHK apartment in one of the 9 towers, you’ll find yourself reminiscing about your good ol’ days in the British climes. Of course, you’ll have the creature comforts of Rajhans’ repute to keep you in a state of coveted company.

We can’t talk about European luxury and style without mentioning the neighbouring Italy. In particular, we are talking about the province of Cremona, well-known for crafting outlandish violins. The said province is the inspiration for our project Cremona. Cremona is another jewel in our crown at Vesu. Each of these 4 BHK apartments is a bold and breathtaking style statement.

Another landmark of Vesu, the 5 and 6 BHK luxury abodes at Altezza rival the best in the world. Profoundly lavish, generous spaces married to comforts and amenities that leave little to desire.

Now, if you’re wondering, ‘what else’, let us assure you of that all these projects that come with the finest in pool, club, sporting facilities, play areas etc.

Like we said earlier, luxury is a very personal experience and each one of us looks at it with our own perspective. But we are sure, all of us will agree, that all Rajhans properties are a true embodiment of what luxury living is all about. And that’s a good thing.

Own Magnificent Spanish Weekend Villas in Surat

COVID has drastically transformed our perspective of home. Not just four walls but beyond! Now we have realized the importance of having open spaces plus no fuss around. Less crowd and finest community living among other things! With security, safety and utmost convenience, a home away from home is a dream for many. And there is no denying that magnificent weekend homes evoke a sense of gratification and astonishment.  

After all, what matters is a safe and secure life. The prevailing pandemic has taught the value of second home, where we can live with peace of mind, where our family can freely luxuriate in serene surrounding with gaiety and safety, all at once.  

Rajhans (Desai-Jain) Group, a Realty major in Surat has surprised the diamond city with yet another marvel. The team of architects, designers and engineers touched down in Spain only to explore how Spanish Villas differ than the rest. Their hands-on observation coupled with their dexterity and immaculate design tactics have enabled them to recreate the Spanish grace in Surat.

Situated at Kachhol on Dandi road,  The Feriado Villas offers excellent connectivity options. What’s more, nature at its best is the most iconic benefit these villas offer. Away from hustle and bustle of city life, one can revel in green meadows and rapturous bliss across all directions one’s eyes can see.

Apart from the location bonanza, Feriado villas have much more to offer; all to the surprise of weekend enthusiasts. The clubhouse at Feriado is in class of its own. It is as opulent as one can gaze. The architectural elements of banquet hall can awestruck the onlookers with its magnificence in every corner. From a variety of indoor games, library, cafeteria, 11D theatre, discotheque, massage room, spa and sauna to beauty salon and more, the clubhouse at Feriado is just most incredible wonder once could revel in, beyond limits.

As per the personal preferences, Rajhans Feriado brings you three types of villas – Opulento, Supremo and Spazio with awe-inspiring amenities that could even make the Spanish nobles envious. The three types suit all family-size thereby making these villas, one of the  highly-hoped weekend retreat properties.

So, get ready to enjoy Spanish-style weekend lifestyle right here in Surat. As soon as you enter this premise, you’ll be amazed to witness such an incredible architectural wonder that defines spanishness in every direction.

Avail your lifetime visa to Spain.

For more details visit our website http://rajhansrealty.co.in/

For Bookings call: 99045-47774

Some Elementary Interior Designing Hacks For Your New Home

Moving into your first house is so gratifying which is no less than an epic moment. After you’ve achieved the dream of your dream home, you really do not want to leave any stone unturned when it comes to designing your way, do you? As you know, just as the home is made up of proper planning, it has to be designed backed up by proper planning and excellent execution. So, how would you embellish your empty shell into an inviting home?

Before you go about designing the interiors of your home, you should understand that sometimes even the smallest things create prolific impact. And it can be a small replacement of a mirror, an addition in the painting or even a lamp. If you really want to create a wonder out of your new home, here are some interesting designing tips that are quite handy to make a difference in your lovely home.

Get Rid of Outdated Stuffs

This might be quite challenging as you really need to sort out the things that you really do not need from your old home. Just get ahead of the game and dig into your old home and start packing up only best suitable stuffs. At least, get rid of 30 to 50 per cent of old furnishings that are faulty, wobbly or nearing out-of-order deadline. Now, pair down your must-needed possessions to the minimal amount and with the rest; you can always make the most out of them on OLX or any garage sale, and if possible charity.

Bedroom First

Of course, it’s the place where you will be relaxing after a whole day’s work. Having a suitably comfortable bed can make a huge difference. It just doesn’t end up here as it is a better to paint your bedroom in sync with your new bedding. What’s more, you can also enhance your windows so as to coordinate with the bedroom. If you are an early riser, you better choose more translucent treatments, whereas for night owls, deeper tones are a good catch. Lastly, make sure that the bed you buy should reflect your personality and goes well with your overall space.

No More Hurried Buying At Once

Before you go about making any significant purchases, make sure to spend at least a couple of months in your new home; as this will give you perfect to-shop list. Because how you actually live in house and how you actually use it is quite different. For instance, if you want to spend on bathroom first, make sure that your dining area and kitchen also need attention on priority wise, don’t they? So, give some time to your new home as well so that it can properly guide you regarding its must-haves.

Go Beyond The Matching Myth

Almost all retail stores have that cliched fallacy that everything in house has to match. And with this myth, they would encourage you to buy the whole set. Technically, you must not be taken away by them. However, a few pieces of the same kind and styling are fine but any more of them might make your room boringly lifeless. Your top priority should be scale, proportion and of course, the balance of your accessories and furnishings.

Add Colours At Their Best

Colours make life more interesting, and so as home. It’s always a good idea to apply befitting colours as it can embellish the overall home. For instance, you can unify the colour of your sofa or instead change its fabric so as to go well with the nearby furnishing. Likewise, you can do the same treatment with window curtains, accessories and rugs with perfect colour combinations.
Solve Smartly
Smartness is readily needed when it comes to designing your home. Try not to installing overly decorated cabinet on a cheap woodwork- as it will surely seem out of place. Think of some effective bathroom light as it can add value to overall appearance.

As you know there is always more to home; but less is also not bad if done smartly. So, why wait? Just bring some handy design drama in your home and customise your furnishings to achieve your desired dream home!

At Rajhans Realty, we promise to fulfill your dream home in an exact way possible. Visit our various luxurious residential sites and inspect the sample flats to make the right decision. We assure you cent per cent quality and security when you invest in our projects. Visit http://www.rajhansrealty.co.in for further information about us.

Spell grandness in every core with Rajhans Grandezza

Rising above Surat’s skyline are spectacular towers that manifests luxury living in every sight. No less than the best slice of life for the chosen few, these residential towers offers most coveted lifestyle that one desires.

Located at Vesu’s finest landmark-Rajhans Grandezza is a magnificent opportunity for those who want to live a cut above the rest. Inspired by the grandioseness of London’s most striking architecture, our 4 BHK masterpiece Rajhans Grandezza’ spells breathtaking design in every corner.

With its prime location, Rajhans Grandezza is near to premier restaurants, business complexes, designer stores, hospital etc. While excellent road network connects you to airport and dedicated grocery stores are at stone’s throw away, your daily life is guaranteed to be conveniently smooth.

Here you can greet yourself with a heart-warming environment. Serene garden, reflecting water body and inviting expanses of each structure bestows blissful elements of grand life. Splendid swimming pool and well-equipped gym facilities are at your service. Involve your neighbours in a high-spirited game of table tennis, volleyball or tennis. Enjoy your favourite movie at your disposal. Let your kids make the most of their time in their fun-filled place. Let your grandparents take a stroll in their designated area. Moreover don’t miss your dazzling party venue to celebrate your memorable moments.

Among the other remarkable things at Rajhans Grandezza, what sets your life apart is the swimming pool with German technology which comes with 100% chemical free heated water and not to mention a separate baby pool. Come, soak in the pool which will replenish your mood every day.

Rajhans Grandezza is a unique masterpiece in its own kind. From its awe-inspiring reception area, advanced elevators to perfectly- monitored surveillance system, every feet in this premise is crafted in line with excellent functionality and aesthetic appeal.

A palatial realm which evokes grandness and finest finishes to fulfill your dream of living beyond luxury. With its new paradigm of luxury living, Rajhnas Grandezza is poised to be much more than mere address- it will be the finest landmark of Vesu.

For more information, visit www.rajhansrealty.co.in and find a range of projects fulfills your requirement.

Limited Edition Ultra-luxurious Uptown For You & Your Loved ones

Having established luxurious Projects like Rajhans Cosmic, Rajhans Zion and Rajhans Elita to name a Few, Rajhans (Desai-Jain) Group has once again crafted another residential masterpiece called ‘Rajhans Roylaton’. True to providing luxury living, the Group is well-regarded to have launched finest residential projects for the cognoscente of luxury living.

Situated in the most-coveted location of Vesu, Rajhans Royalton will be one of the most exquisite landmarks in itself. Inspired by Singaporean architecture, these resplendent abodes with majestic designs and outstanding views fittingly define the skyline of Surat and duly set a new grade of luxury living. Enhanced by every detail of grandioseness and all-inclusive trove of luxurious amenities, these royal residences are truly the crown jewels of Surat.

With a total of 9 towers equipped with ample living space and a choice of 4, 5 & 6 BHK homes, Rajhans Royalton presents a privileged access to a world of opulence at its best. Here you can stride through all little joys of life and soak up the stately comforts in every corner of your residence to connect with your dream life, every day. When life blossoms in its varied hues, why not make the most of it at your cherished home?
Living here is an exuberant experience. The State-of-the-art rooms, indoor games, swimming pool, gym, jogging park, cafeteria, banquet and added indulgence in every recreational spot gives the Royalton residents a spectacular living day and night.
At Rajhans Royalton, you can celebrate the best of life every day. Here you can spell luxury in everything you do. It’s time to give a riveting space to all your cherished dreams. It’s time to move into your dream home, once for all!

Come, experience Rajhans Royalton and become the proud luxuriant dynasts.
For more information visit www.rajhansrealty.co.in

Welcoming you to the World of Perennial Luxury Living!

When it comes to buying home, you have a number of options to opt for. Starting from location, amenities and convenience benefits to brand name, you surely pay heed to such aspects without them. Of course, you would never compromise on any of these details as buying a home is going to be your life-time investment, doesn’t it?

If you’re looking out to buy a new home with amazing amenities where you would also love to experience expansive space, ease of connectivity and much more than you imagine, we present to you an ultra-modern luxury project Rajhans Elita which proudly rises above Surat’s skyline with a difference.

Where it is?

Only the word suffices i.e Pal. This crème de la crème
area of near tower bridge is just the most-sought after one. Everyone who dreams about their dream home at the choicest address, this area is one of the most-sought after ones.And to your surprise, Rajhans Elita, too is located at the finest address of Pal- Hazira road. Some of the neighboring areas near this luxury project are simply awesome i.e restaurants, designer stores, hospital, business complexes, R.T.O and gym among others.

Moreover, excellent road networks to airport is just the another best advantage of this project.

How it is?

Our 3 & 4 BHK masterpiece ‘Rajhans Elita’ spells breathtaking design in every corner. A palatial kingdom which evokes luxury and finest finishes to fulfill your dream of living beyond luxury. So, definitely, it is one of the finest landmarks of Pal- Hazira road with its impeccably awe-inspiring architecture and supremacy in every core.

What are the amenities?

Be assured to indulge in this blissfully airy private heaven with majestic amenities. From banquet hall, gym, swimming pool to various indoor and outdoor games among others, Rajhans Elita boasts of an array of both internal and external amenities. Add to more, every room is perfectly planned to provide great space along with advanced elevators and perfectly-monitored surveillance system so as to provide excellent functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Why should one buy it?

Mere word ‘Elita’ is enough to delineate the distinction of this project. Situated at the most-coveted location, Rajhans Elita is a privileged possession for those who aspire to get the best of life, every day. Here, living is no less than a bliss with its awesome amenities, facilities and intelligent amalgamation of arts and philosophy which produces finest experiences of life.

For more information, you can visit www.rajhansrealty.co.in

Luxurious Amenities Means More of Life, For Us, For You!

In this day and age, almost all developers are scrambling hard to meet the rising need for an urban lifestyle in housing estates. Though, they have facilitated a wide range of preferred amenities to housing units, there is always more that the potential customers demand!

Apart from the basic needs, the urban residents have become more amenities-oriented these days and thus, they hunt for all-inclusive amenities with better comforts and more space.

Without doubt, amenities are a crucial part of any real estate project. While some amenities are prerequisite such as elevators, security systems, garden among others, there are also an array of amenities that have become vital part of any residential project. So, what are these important amenities that the home buyers desperately look out for?

Let’s start with the entrance gate! Yes! The way you’re being welcomed makes a difference. Today, people have started paying heed to their entrance as it is an important element to make a stunning impression in the eyes of beholders.

Then, it’s all about indoor games such as table tennis, billiard, card, carrom, chess and not to mention bowling alley. Yes! The home buyers have become more interested in making most of their leisure time by indulging in indoor games. Apart from these indoor fun, they also look for outdoor games such as basketball, volleyball etc. Now home doesn’t mean only spending a day and night doing daily chores but rather it has become a premise where the residents can enjoy all such recreational activities to the fullest!

Yet another exciting amenities that home buyers hunt for is swimming pool. Yes! Immersing in a pristine water every morning is no less than bliss. Moreover, how wonderful it would be for kids to have a separate baby pool in the premise? Of course, such amenities not only help%MCEPASTEBIN% children enjoy splashing in water but also turns out to be safe place.

When it comes to amenities, we just can’t miss out on gym, don’t we? Having a well-equipped gym in the premise means no membership fee and no waiting time, thus it enables the users to utilise the facilities at their disposal. This surely encourages residents to not to miss out on their exercise regime! Alongside this, home buyers also look for other exciting amenities such as discotheque, beauty salon, cafeteria, library, and designer gazebo among others.

For a home buyer who is looking for both dream home coupled with exclusive amenities, Rajhans Realty is the best choice. Here, the house-seekers can take advantage of an array of exclusive amenities across various residential projects.

With a vision to enrich people’s life with happiness, the Group provides state-of-the-art residential solutions at its best. With quality commitment and excellent customer satisfaction, Group’s real estate wing has been conferred with various realty awards and not to mention the utmost satisfaction level of the happy residents!

For more information, visit rajhansrealty.co.in and fulfill your housing needs from A to Z, happily!

A Blissful Break From Routine Means Our Exclusive Weekend Studio


Do you imagine your weekends amid serene beauty? Are you looking out for a luxurious weekend trip? Do you yearn immersing in total rejuvenation and relaxation? Or are you planning a romantic escape with your loved one? If answer is yes, your entire search is over only at Rajhans Belliza.

Rajhans Belliza Weekend Studios are specially built for connoisseurs of fine living. Nestled in the beautiful surroundings of Dumas Road, these luxurious weekend haven boasts fully-furnished 1&2 BHK studio flats with seven-star amenities that include discotheque, 24-hr restaurant, theater, cafeteria, swimming pool, etc. This is certainly the best weekend bliss to make the most of your leisure time.

Alongside its scenic exquisiteness and opulence, these weekend studios are a must-go designation for those who are looking for extraordinary life. Made of envy-inducing architecture and supplemented with state-of-the-art interiors, these studio apartments are a perfect getaway to an exhilarating stay-cation! Inspired by the circular symbolism, the magnificent architecture of Belliza represents spherical domes of Greek and Roman times. Meticulously designed with engineering par excellence and awe-inspiring amalgamation of modern architecture with ancient wonders, this weekend studio is in itself a first-of-its-kind iconic structure in the Diamond City. Its grand five start entry with double height is sure to wow any beholder at a very glance!

For the much-needed break from a busy schedule, heading over to Rajhans Belliza is no less than a bliss. Be it a family or friends’ gathering or a romantic date, this place is a befitting venue! Add to more, there is also an Enjoy Restaurant which caters to foodies the finest taste of the town.

It seems that the vacation time has arrived and everybody is in the process to opt for their favourite weekend destinations. But what if you become an owner of a seven star weekend studio where you can linger with peace of mind? Yes! It very much true at Rajhans Belliza!

Visit rajhansrealty.co.in and fulfil your weekend needs the way you have always hoped for at
family-friendly value!