The Best Way To Find New Luxury Apartments

Are you thinking of purchasing luxury apartments in Surat? If the answer is yes, you’re definitely in for a good time ahead! Surat has witnessed a rapid transformation in terms of overall housing development. The city is already listed as one of the fastest growing cities in Asia and is getting huge infrastructural and commercial investments of late. With this modernization of the city and rapid development, the profile of the average home buyer in Surat is steadily changing. Surat is now considered one of the most prosperous cities in the country where a large chunk of the population has hefty disposable incomes at their disposal. This has definitely given a much-needed fillip to the real estate market here that was earlier a little conservative in terms of design, features and layouts. Convention has steadily gone for a toss in several of Surat’s prime pockets as more and more developers seek to serenade customers with ultra luxury options.

Finding a luxury apartment in Surat is definitely a lot easier than before with several premium projects being launched to cater to high net worth individuals, well paid corporate professionals, diamond and textile businessmen and other economically sound buying classes. Luxury apartments now dot every nook and corner of some of the city’s premium areas. These apartments are no different from an ultra luxurious apartment in Mumbai starting from premium fittings and finishes in addition to wallpaper, flooring, natural lighting, lovely views, fresh air and ample natural greenery. In addition, these apartments usually come with several amenities and conveniences such as swimming pools, gymnasiums, jogging tracks, rainwater harvesting systems, conference rooms, community halls, club houses, indoor game facilities, 24 hour power backup, 24 hour water supply, top notch security services, intercom facilities, beautifully designed entrance lobbies, areas for senior citizens, playing zones for children, parks, sufficient car parking facilities and the like.

Several landmark projects are steadily being developed in Surat and these come with abundant recreational and entertainment options. This is one new concept that should definitely gain more traction in the city in the near future. You can find luxury apartments in Surat depending on the location, your budget and the locational and feature considerations that you have. One such project that comes to mind is Rajhans Elita located at Pal Hazira in Surat. True to its name, the project offers ultra luxurious 3 and 4 BHK apartments to buyers along with premium fittings and fixtures. Added amenities include fountains and a garden, meditation cum yoga area, basement car parking, jogging track, landscaped garden, swimming pool, club house, health club, badminton cum tennis court, rain dance and splash pool provisions, cinema and indoor game facilities to name just a few.

Searching for Weekend Homes – Buyer’s Guide

Are you combing through real estate brochures and guides to find out the perfect weekend home? The concept of weekend homes is becoming more and more popular in India. If you are confused about the different options available to get away on the weekend, you should seriously consider buying your own.

At the Rajhans Desai-Jain Group, we can help you find your dream home. Having achieved an unparalleled reputation in India, we offer a wide variety of residential and commercial properties including weekend homes at that offer greater value for money. In less than a decade, we have virtually changed the landscape of Gujarat and created numerous luxury towers and buildings. If you are looking to buy your own weekend home, here is a brief guide:

Do You Want an Apartment or Bungalow?

The first step is to decide whether you want to invest in an apartment or bungalow. Whether you want your very own bungalow or would like a smaller apartment, Rajhans Reality can help you. Having under construction projects such as the Belliza Weekend Homes at Dumas Road, Surat and Feriado – The Weekend Villa, Rajhans Reality has built a distinctive name for itself in the real estate market. We can help you find the perfect apartment or bungalow for your needs. From simple establishments to ones that offer seven-star amenities, we can help you choose from an exhaustive catalogue of weekend homes.

Building Your Own

If you don’t want to purchase a ready-made home, you can also buy land and build your own. Currently, we at Rajhans have numerous ongoing projects, both residential and commercial. Most of the projects are located in Gujarat, with an increased emphasis on luxury and the latest amenities.

If you are interested, you can look through our website, under the heading entitled “Ongoing Projects” and make your decision. With world-class projects such as Rajhans’ Belliza and the Feriado, Rajhans is pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity in the real estate market. You can visit our website to view concept designs and pictures of our projects.

Is there Proper Demand for Commercial Property in Mumbai?

Mumbai is witnessing a huge demand for quality commercial spaces in recent times. Demand is rising for quality commercial property in Mumbai owing to the advent of several corporates and multinationals into Maximum City as Mumbai is sometimes affectionately called. Being India’s financial capital, Mumbai has always been a hub for commercial activity and this has risen today with the emergence of newer sectors and newer areas which promise greater returns and quality infrastructure for corporate companies and retailers alike. Mumbai’s commercial boom comes as no surprise to realty experts and market observers who find it natural going by the city’s prominence in the socio-economic fabric of the country.

Things are looking up even more now as commercial property in Mumbai is being demanded by financial services, banking and insurance companies along with leading IT companies. These companies are helping the sector stay afloat by purchasing office in premium locations. Leasing is also an option that some companies are exercising in spite of high rental rates. Office space supply is still not saturated in Mumbai according to market experts and this will certainly keep the numbers going for at least a couple of years. However, commercial space supply in all of Mumbai’s prime locations will go down drastically by that time and will see a huge increase in rentals and values of office spaces. Places like the Bandra-Kurla Complex, Parel, Lower Parel, Powai and Nariman Point should see huge growth in this regard.The heartening thing in the entire scenario is the gradually increasing demand for commercial property in Mumbai. Investors are steadily looking to add commercial properties to their own portfolios, something which was not so much of a trend even a few months. Market savvy investors are now choosing to snap up office spaces in a bid to generate greater returns in the form of ever rising rental values in prime business locations and the Central Business district. Investors are also looking at Navi Mumbai as a viable destination owing to the imminent shortage of quality office space in prime city locations over the next two years. Retail investors are now getting into the act and forking out huge sums of money for tony office spaces in Navi Mumbai. Many private companies are shifting base to Navi Mumbai for various reasons. Demand is quite high in places like Airoli, Vashi and Belapur which deliver the highest returns. Additionally, according to realty experts, 2015 will witness an outpouring of real estate projects in places like Ghatkopar West, Vikhroli and Chembur among others.

Rajhans Realty has fuelled market sentiments with regard to a recovery of the commercial realty segment with its pioneering project named Rajhans Helix 3 at Ghatkopar West. This project offers premium office spaces and retail zones for companies and organizations and Rajhans is creating a new trend, namely adding more life to workplaces with the integration of multi-cuisine restaurants, gymnasiums, retail spaces and cinemas co-existing in the same building with premium corporate spaces. Rajhans Realty has also come up with a pioneering project named Otium at Santacruz West, another in-demand location in Mumbai and the project offers top class commercial spaces for business and retailers to cash in on and of course, the affluent and coveted nature of the neighbourhood will automatically drive demand and footfalls.

This project comes with several innovative amenities including high speed elevators, two-tier security system, beautiful garden, dedicated commercial spaces with ample frontage, service floor and complete earthquake resistance. This project also lies in close proximity to the Juhu Beach, thereby adding added diversity and color to it.

Investing in Residential Projects in Mumbai

Mumbai or Maximum City as it is known, is home to a thriving and dynamic real estate sector as well. There are logical reasons behind the huge demand for property in Mumbai. Firstly, the city is India’s financial capital and commercial hub in addition to being the hub for entertainment, media, manufacturing, trade and commerce. Mumbai offers vast employment and growth opportunities and hence the increase in working population numbers over the years. Along with the local population, innumerable professionals and business owners migrate to Mumbai every year in search of better job opportunities, which automatically creates huge, demand for housing. This is the reason for Mumbai’s continued and sustained growth in the real estate market over the years. Mumbai offers several investment options for serious players and returns can be garnered within a very short period of time. Several areas in Mumbai can get you lucrative returns if you play your cards right at all times.

Some of the best residential projects in Mumbai are to be found in areas like Santacruz and the Chembur-Wadala belt. Both of these zones are to witness huge development and multiple premium projects are being launched here in recent times. Santacruz needs no introduction, being one of the most premium and coveted neighborhoods in Mumbai with access to all necessary social amenities and almost all major destinations in the city. One of the landmark projects being launched in Santacruz is Rajhans Otium which offers premium residences along with several premium amenities and facilities for residents including a two tier security system, swimming pool, commercial spaces, high speed elevators, car parking facilities and Vastu compliant architectural layouts. This project represents a good investment proposition and is one of the more popular projects being launched in the Santacruz area.

Santacruz is one area where developers are betting big for realty growth and the launch of Rajhans Otium will definitely set new benchmarks in the area. This project is definitely one of its kind and offers integrated residential and commercial spaces, thereby translating into a mixed use development. Demand for property for sale in Mumbai has escalated to unimaginable heights and Otium offers the perfect mixture of contemporary lifestyles and amenities. Otium will be a design landmark that changes the face of the area and will contribute to the overall attractiveness of Santacruz as a residential destination.

Handy, Trendy Small Details with Enormous Home Comforts

After all, the most essential objective of any house is comfort. All of us strive to make our home not only elegant but also comfortable at its best. And be assured that the comfort can also be achieved in the little details beyond a doubt i.e an ideal height of kitchen work surface, handy drawers, coloured walls, ventilated bookshelves and of course emphasizing more on such small details in stead of buying furniture.

If you’re considering comfort as the most desirable priority in your home too, then you should not miss the following easy-to-use tactics.

A perfectly-sized kitchen

luxurious kitchen

So what is the standard height of kitchen work surface? It is 85 cm but somehow we often miss out on to consider the perfect measurement while installing a new kitchen. Quite often, people end up with installing a not so perfectly-sized kitchen causing problems with their back and arms. To be more precise the recommended size for such work surface is 150cm for shorter people and for those people having the height of 1.6m to 1.8m, a perfect kitchen size is 88-91 cm.

Solution for steel-finish furniture

perfect kitchen

The steel doors on furniture not only look swanky but also durable. However, the problem with such steel doors is that they are prone to prints or marks over them. This is the reason why you should always have the solution which polishes steel with a special varnish so as to make your room stunningly clean and clear.

So much to do with sink

double bowl sink

Usually, people always almost make a mistake by not having a sink with a drainage board. The reason might be to save on some space or cost. Bear in mind to never skip a sink, especially if you have a large family as without this cooking might be quite impractical. You should utilise a drainage board to dry veggies and fruits, or place some hot crockery. Most importantly, such type of double-bowl sink also allows you to wash kitchen utensils with ease.

Pull-out drawers instead of shelves

kitchen drawers

Pull-out drawers is a good idea in lieu of shelves as they not only save space but also make cooking task easier. Add to more, you can always adjust sections in line with category of utensils and foods. In short, this makes your whole kitchen much more organised.

Plug socket per wall

decorative switchboard

As few as possible or at least one plug socket per wall. However, you should discuss with your electrician depending upon your requirements but make sure that you don’t install many as it might hamper the beauty of your wall.

Play with colours

peaceful living space

Colours are wondrous. If played with perfect balance, they can enhance the elegance of your home. Likewise, white or light colours can create the sense of space as well as a feeling of clean and stunning atmosphere. You can also try the one whole in rich colour while other in a more striking shed so as to make your home look more cosy and compelling.

Appeal of comfort reading

steel bookshelf

Dust is the most happening thing on any open bookshelves. And the best way to get rid of it is to buy shelves with a glass over on the front. Further, in order to keep books away from moist, special holes in such shelves could be used for better ventilation.

For the sake of beautiful white furniture

glamorous bedroom

White is bold and beautiful. The lovely hue also caters a sense of space and glamour. The only problem with this colour is to keep it clean and bright while keeping away dust, dirt and stains; otherwise it might look too gloomy. Therefore, using special anti-static clothes for cleaning is the best way to keep your white walls pleasing to the eyes.

When it comes to buying home, you must ensure all the comforts and elegance. For any desperate home buyers who’re seeking great deals, must visit as there is a range of trendy and handy homes available to meet your needs at the location you’ll love to live in. After all, who likes to compromise on comforts?


Guide to Investments in Indian Real Estate Market

Indian real estate is witnessing a major resurgence of late in terms of growth and overall progress. People are steadily reposing faith in the government and economic growth and are investing in properties all across the country. The government has also taken multiple legislative measures of late to boost the sector. Demand has shot up for property in Surat and property in Mumbai while other cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata are also witnessing healthy demand from prospective customers. Skyrocketing growth and development is being witnessed in several Indian cities while realtors are betting big on growing disposable income and the release of pent up demand in the market. The improved scenario of real estate has definitely sparked hopes pertaining to the development of several new projects in several Indian cities and there are multiple price bands which are seeing huge demand.

Additionally, Surat real estate is witnessing a huge boom in the luxury housing space as more and more diamond industry leaders, textile barons and other business captains consolidate their businesses in this thriving city. Surat is now at par with all other metro cities in terms of overall development, connectivity, social amenities and the like. The commercial sector in Surat has also witnessed a boom of late owing to sustained business growth here. Surat is an example of properly planned growth and development and this has definitely boosted demand for residential projects here. Surat offers favorable investment prospects in terms of commercial projects, industrial parks, residential bungalows, apartments and villas. All of these offer huge returns on investments to buyers, particularly with the huge growth of the city. Investing in commercial and residential real estate is a good proposition in Surat and also in Chennai which has been named as a smart city. Both luxury and affordable housing segments are rapidly growing in both Chennai and Bangalore which is also witnessing big demand on the outskirts of the city and near IT hubs.

Mumbai is also another major investment destination which has always had a flourishing commercial market. Investing in commercial projects in Mumbai will also garner lucrative returns over a time period of 2-3 years on an average. Mumbai is witnessing a resurgence of huge demand and being the financial capital of the country and a major commercial hub, demand for quality office space is always high in this metropolis. Investing in residential and commercial properties in areas like Ghatkopar, Santacruz and the Chembur-Wadala belt will yield good returns over the next few years. You can check out landmark offerings like

Rajhans Otium at the tony Santacruz West locality in Mumbai. This project offers easy access to the Juhu Beach and all other important destinations in Mumbai, while ensuring unmatched lifestyles for residents’ courtesy amenities like a swimming pool, two tier security system, high speed elevators and an earthquake resistant structure. Projects like these are sure to garner high returns over a prolonged period of time.

Growing Demand for Affordable Flats in Santacruz

Residential flats in Santacruz are highly in demand in the present scenario. This is not surprising as most people are opting for reasonably affordable flats for sale in Santacruz West as their property choices. Even though Santacruz is one of Mumbai’s most coveted destinations, there are some projects where property prices per sq ft are considerably lower in comparison to several projects in other areas of Mumbai including the neighboring suburb of Khar.

There are several flats in Santacruz that are located near the Santacruz railway station which is a major connectivity hub of the locality. This lies on the Mumbai suburban railway line and the domestic terminal of the Mumbai Airport and the University of Mumbai campus are also located here, thereby scaling up the appeal of the area as a prime residential destination. The West and East wards are the ones under which Khar and Santacruz are considered. Many buyers opt to purchase flats for sale in Santacruz West as the western part is more affluent and posh in comparison to the eastern half of this popular Mumbai locality. Santacruz is well linked to several important areas in Mumbai including the prime destinations of Juhu, Khar, Vile Parle, Bandra and more. Juhu Beach can also be accessed quickly from some locations in Santacruz and this has given rise to demand for comparatively reasonably priced flats in these areas.

The locality is also home to a skywalk connecting the Western Express Highway in eastern Santacruz to the Podar School Complex in Santacruz West. The Highway ensures good connectivity to several important business destinations of Mumbai. The Bandra-Kurla Complex is located in close proximity to Santacruz and the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport lies around 15 minutes away from Kalina, one of the prominent destinations in the locality. The locality is home to several companies including Rolls Royce, Microsoft and Mudra Communication. The locality is well connected to several areas through a network of roads including the Juhu Tara Road, Juhu Road, Linking Road and the Swami Vivekanand Road.

Several premium projects are also coming up in the area including Rajhans Otium, a landmark project offering luxuriously designed residences across ten floors. The project also comes with demarcated commercial space, thereby transforming into a pioneering mixed use development. The project also offers easy access to the Juhu Beach and the Western Express Highway in addition to premium amenities like a swimming pool, two tier security system, high speed elevators and premium fittings and finishes.

India’s Giant Leap Through the Bullet Train

Dubbed as the big gift from Japan to India, India’s first bullet train project will revolutionize

the Indian Railways. This project is a joint venture between the Japanese firm Shinkansen Technology and Indian Railways.

Here are the key highlights of this first-of-its-kind ambitious project in India.

The estimated cost of this bullet train project is 1.10 lakh crore.

  • Japan will finance 81% of the whole project (by The Japan International
  • Cooperation Agency (JICA)) in soft loans at an interest rate of 0.1%, with the repayment over fifty years (with 15 yrs grace period).
  • This train will -carry a total of 750 passengers.
  • Bullet train will run on an average speed of 250km/hr,with a highest speed of 320-350km per hour- which is almost double the maximun speed of the fastest train in India.
  • The distance between Ahmedabad and Mumbai will be achieved in almost 2 hours which usually takes approx. 7-8 hours.
  • This entire project will utilise 825 hectares of land and 92% of the route between the distance of 508 km will be elevated. Surprisingly,it will travel through India’s longest tunnel of 21km ( Between Boisar and BKC in Mumbai) of which 7km will be under sea.
  • The bullet train will connect Ahmedabad and Mumbai andwith a total of 12 stations Mumbai, Thane, Virar, Boisar, Vapi, Bilimora, Surat, Bharuch, Vadodara, Anand, Ahmedabad and Sabarmati.
  • In the beginning, this high-speed train will carry only 10 coaches with a seating capacity of 750 passengers. Later, it is also proposed to carry 16 coaches with a seating capacity of 1250 passengers.
  • When the bullet train operations starts, India will run around 35 bullet trains with 70 trips per day. Moreover, this number will increase to 105 trains by 2050.
  • The fare is expected to be in the range of Rs 3000 – Rs 5,000.

The Railways Minister Piyush Goyal said the train will begin operating on August 15, 2022; when India completes 75 years of independence!


Frolic weekend life in exclusive holiday home

Elegant architecture, wide spaces and ultra-luxurious amenities at the most-coveted address amid natural setting have become the most sought-after housing need for today’s uber-rich. They have started splurging on weekend home for sheer luxury and recreational values. In a bid to escape exorbitant city crowds, a wide number of luxury-loving people getting on leisure-property, day by day.
The increasing quest for holiday homes surrounded by beautiful canopy of trees are hugely in demand. People have become more concerned over quality of life and simultaneously, are seeking the home beyond home. Amid growing population and busy schedules, being one with nature has become indispensable part of life and that’s why the demands for weekend homes are on rife.

Beyond doubts, holidays are good for your mind and body. In fact, taking holiday breaks literally helps you live longer. But when life itself is too busy and full of same old routines, you might have a number of pretexts to just let it pass you by. This doesn’t mean you like to live a monotonous life, don’t you?
Well, get rid of all your woes. Take a break. No more unexciting routines. Because Rajhans Feriado- exclusive weekend homes are waiting for you. Supplemented by opulent amenities, the holiday homes offer peaceful panoramic views that will truly exceed your expectations to make your life majestically exciting!

Not only your weekend destination, your holiday home can also be a perfect idyll for peace of mind and extravaganza to the fullest.
Visit and find your dream property with proper specification and necessary details.

Nifty ways to make small spaces look bigger

Having small rooms literally doesn’t mean that you are to confine yourself for the rest of your life in it. Worry not over small kitchen, cramped spaces or low ceilings and there are many ways to let your imagination take over small spaces in your home.

Here are some of the most efficient tricks to transform your small spaces into more feasible as well as elegant room.

Start with Curtains

Choosing the same colour curtains just like your walls definitely gives a scope of space to the room. Moreover, always avoid selecting curtains that are too heavy, long and thick.

Natural Lights to the Fullest

Always give some room for natural lights to enter your room. In a bid to welcome more lights, keep window panes clean and clear. It is because of maximum amount of natural light that can give your small room very cosy and air feel.

Always in Order

Pay heed to every small details from clearing away shoes to putting clothes and accessories at their designated place. Unkempt things create chaos while degrading the entire appeal of your home.

Utilize Multi-use Furniture

Multi-use furniture is the best way to make the most of space. A sofa that can be transformed into a bed, a folding chair and kitchen table can be just good to give more space in your home.

Mirrors- the best illusionist

Mirrors that are close to windows act more effective in creating great sense of space. Moreover, mirror-doors are also the best option to add value to the space.
Tidy shelves

It is good to leave some shelves empty so as to bring some airiness in your home. Place some eye-catching materials and books on the shelves to give a statement.

More Lights Make Impact

Lighting always makes a difference. Opt for table lamps, free standing lamps or any other decorative lamps that can illuminate and enhance the space of your home beyond a doubt.

Visit and find out spacious homes laden with luxury amenities and much more!